12.09 Fri 2022
BABEL feat.Marco Shuttle


Open 22:00


Adv : 3,000 / Door : 3,500 ※ドリンク代600円別途要


Guest Dj : Marco Shuttle

Djs : PEPE(under) / RYO(koyaanisqatsi) / DJ ZEN(artribe.six)




一般発売:11月29日(火) AM 10:00 〜

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Marco Shuttle

Berlin-based but born in Treviso, Italy, Marco Shuttle has beeninvolved in the underground club scene since he was 15, as apromoter and later as a DJ.Characteristically, Marco's productions are deep, abstract,atmospheric, and often his cinematic techno sounds are unusuallyorganic: they subtly build pressure, and his meticulous groovesnever fail to take listeners on a trip to somewhere new and exciting.After relocating to London for his MA in Fashion Design at Central StMartin’s, he became involved in London’s clubbing scene as a DJ,juggling both his design and music careers. Owing to his visualbackground, he considers his musical style to be constructed with anaesthetic approach. Besides the classic influences of acid house,Detroit techno and electro, he has been deeply inspired by abstractsounds: from noise, industrial and musique concrete, to spiritualjazz, American minimalism, and contemporary classic.After gaining recognition with a couple of EPs, in January 2011,Marcoreleased his first, true breakthrough EP, The Vox Attitude,onthe Swedish label, Vidd. Receiving enthusiastic reactions andwidespread chart success, it became an evergreen classic, stillplayed extensively to this day.2012 saw the launch of his own label, EERIE records. After a fewsuccessful EPs, at the end of 2014, his first LP, Visione, was born.Boldly displaying his experimental side, the release gained himpositive recognition both inside and outside the techno circuit. Thealbum was followed by a productive series of successful singles(some of which like “Sing Like a Bird” became timeless classics) onlabels like Clone, The Bunker NY, Time to Express and Semantica.His second LP, Systhema, which gained him further recognition andset another landmark in his career, was released in 2017 on DonatoDozzy’s and Neel’s label, Spazio Disponibile, where he released afurther 3 EPs.His latest endeavours resulted in his 3rd full length LP, Cobalt DesertOasis,which came out in 2021 on the NY label, Incienso, run byAnthony Naples and Jenny Slattery. The album, which was broadlyand positivelyreceived, “sets him farther from the ‘floor than ever, operating in aliminal shadow world of hazed hues threaded with steady but nervylines of percussion that ground his signature cosmic vision”(Boomkat).

Marco Shuttle also built a strong reputation as a DJ during the years.Known for his very eclectic and experimental approach and hismesmerizing and narrative flow, he established himself as a very fineand respected (mostly vinyl) selector and making regularappearances for years in the most important underground clubsworldwide like Berghain, Fabric, Concrete, De School, Bassiani andin festivals like Labyrinth in Japan, Terraforma, Atonal andMovement in Detroit just to name a few.His cinematic and atmospheric style also got him noticed outside ofthe electronic/techno circuit and in 2018 one of his tracks got pickedas original score for the short movie “Bautismo” by Mauro Vecchiand was awarded as “Best Original Score” at “Roma CreativeContest”.

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